I’m Richard MacManus (@ricmac), a pioneering tech blogger and author. Cybercultural is my newsletter about internet history and its impact on our culture. I’m currently serializing my latest book, “Bubble Blog: From Outsider to Insider in Silicon Valley’s Web 2.0 Revolution”. It chronicles the rise of the modern internet during the first decade of this century.

I was the founder and Editor-in-Chief of ReadWriteWeb (RWW) from 2003-2012. RWW was ranked among the top 10 blogs in the world, according to Technorati. It was syndicated by The New York Times and eventually acquired by SAY Media.

I also authored Web Development History (2020-21), a blog that chronicled the early years of the web from a developer perspective.


“Richard MacManus’ memoir of his experiences running his tech blog, ReadWriteWeb, during the first decade of the 2000s, is a great read. Richard was smart and engaged back then–and still is–so this memoir offers both wonderful retellings about key moments and key people, and an honest look back and appraisal.”
Susan Mernit’s newsletter, February 2024

“I’m greatly enjoying Richard’s look back on those strangely heady days of the post-mortgage-crisis tech bubble that began to take full advantage of gradients, APIs, and that still somewhat new Cloud infrastructure thing.”
Rick Turoczy, Silicon Florist, April 2024




Cybercultural Archives 2019-2022

This is v2 of Cybercultural, which started in 2023 and focuses on internet history. The first version of Cybercultural ran from 2019-2022 and focused on the intersection of technology and the cultural industries. If you’re curious, v1 is archived here: cybercultural.ricmac.org.